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Review: Doe-eyed Puss in Boots fails to charm

By River Reporter Dec 8, 2011

By Fabiola Büchele

This is the story of the cat that became a legend. Or is it the story of how the film industry milks its cash cows until their milk turns sour?

After what felt like the 12th sequel of Shrek, Dreamworks are still not done with reusing their material, abandoning the full fairytale cast and centring the story on just Puss in Boots. No mention of the ogre.

Side characters are often written as an afterthought to big heroes like Shrek to add more dimensions to a story. Puss in Boots is first introduced on screen all big-eyed, which caused sighs of ‘aww-cute-cat’ from cinema seats across the world in the second Shrek. However, on his own the character loses his impact.

The story that puts Puss centre stage is set in Spain, which conveniently suits the accent of returning voice Antonio Banderas. The tale goes something like this:

The poor ginger cat is being sought for a crime he didn’t really commit and now spends his seven lives living underground, drinking shots of whole milk in dingy bars and purring over every pussy cat he can lay a paw on.

And then the rest of the fairytale crew comes in. What was introduced when Shrek was still something out of the ordinary is now just a bit dull.
Jack and Jill are a pair of violent mercenaries who are in possession of three magic beans that Humpty Dumpty wants to get a hold of, and he needs Puss’s help to get them.

And so the film follows them on their quest full of the sort of suspension and storyline any film student is taught in screenplay writing 101. There is a hot female kitten, some car chasing, betrayal and a story of brotherhood.

Though the movie is voiced by a cast of big names, from Salma Hayek (her Mexican accent fits the Spanish theme), Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Dumpty to Billy Bob Thorton getting a few lines in as Jack, it is nothing more than recycled movie tricks and jokes blended together for 90 minutes of light entertainment.

If you can still laugh when the 10th cat related joke along the lines of “look what the cat brought in, oh no it is the cat” and “I can feel a fur ball coming on” or crack up when the egg looks a bit iffy and says “I think I’m going to yolk”, then wait for the DVD to come out and enjoy an evening on your couch. There is just no need to go to the cinema for it.

Release date: December 9

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