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Review: One Direction Take Me Home Tour

By River Reporter Apr 19, 2013

‘UK’s biggest boy band’ One Direction are on tour playing 117 shows until November, and The River relives their O2 appearance.

Zoe Birdsall

As excited fans filled the 20,000 seat arena at the O2, it was clear that this was going to be a special show put on by the five, once ordinary boys shot to fame when they came to The X Factor.

Roar of screaming

Kicking off their world tour in the UK’s largest venue of London’s O2 Arena, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam of One Direction are now famous enough to not only sell merchandise, but open their own super-store, which sells life size cut-outs of each of them, to the fans’ delight.

In this buzzing venue, every time even the words One Direction came up on the advertisement screens there came a roar of screaming, and unsurprisingly when the boys were revealed on stage, the crowd went wild.

No use talking

The lads are about to embark on a world tour and will now be on the road until November, a gruelling act for anyone let alone for these youngsters. The show will go on for a staggering 117 shows, including 54 in Europe, 41 in North America and 22 in Australasia.

It has been reported that the five-piece had been rehearsing for the world tour with a soundtrack of screaming fans in the background and its no surprise that they’ve had to practice in such an atmosphere, as the O2 was so loud you could barely hear them talking in between songs.

Hanging over head

Not only are they a bit of eye-candy but they’re actually pretty talented too, contrary to popular belief. One thing that makes One Direction so fresh as a boy band is that they do not have any dance routines, nor do they sit still on stools, or stand swaying. They are just young guys on a stage having fun.

Fantastic stage productions enhanced the performance, and things got even better when the boys took to a hanging platform and came over the audience’s heads (obviously the screams were now going through the roof).

Teenage Dirtbag

To the crowd’s delight, we were also participating in One Direction’s upcoming movie, 1D3D. Two cameramen were on stage filming, encouraging the boys to play up to camera.

A cover of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus made university students feel more their age, as anyone younger than about 15 didn’t seem to know any of the words.

Hottest in town

Leaving the best and most popular till last, What Makes You Beautiful was their parting song. With explosions, fire effects and confetti to kick it off, they really went out on a high.

After the conclusion of their 21-song set list, the concertgoers were left wanting more: more of the fun, bopping songs and more of the lovely lads.

A must-see show if you get the chance to get your hands on some of the hottest tickets in town. 

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