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TV comedians delight Kingston crowd at Ram Jam comedy night

By River Reporter Oct 11, 2012

The Ram Jam comedy night at the Grey Horse pub in Kingston had the audience in stitches. 

Zoe Birdsall
In a dimly lit, intimate room down the back of an alley, Pete Firman took centre stage for the Ram Jam Crack comedy night.
Tucked away near Kingston station is the Grey Horse pub were the sell-out night took place. 
Tom Webb was the compere for the evening and did a good job of getting everyone warmed up before the night started. 
In between acts, he engaged the eager audience, but some shyed away at the back, hoping to last the night without being spoken to.
The headline act was hilarious. Gracing the stage fully-suited, Pete Firman, who starred in BBC’s The Magicians and ITV’s Comedy Rocks, delivered a unique comedy sketch using magic as his unique selling point.
His tricks were enhanced with gags and wit. The trick of the night was, without a doubt, setting a signed £20 note on fire for it then to end up unburnt in several fastened envelopes.
Zoe Lyons was undoubtedly the best comedian of the night. She had the whole audience in stitches with her clever observations on daily life.
Unfortunately, she was followed by two young comedians who struggled to get the audience going. Despite a few funny gags, they seemed nervous and awkward. 
My advice would be to see who is performing and avoid sitting at the front unless you are game for a bit of audience participation.
Overall, a top night for all KU students, especially those looking to laugh until their cheeks ache.

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