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At Home exhibition: A look into domesticity

By Wincent Hein Nov 25, 2022

The At Home exhibition running at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Knights Park features four short, complex films, all of which explore an aspect of domestic life.

The exhibition is curated by three members of Kingston University’s Modern Interiors and Research Centre team, Penny Sparke, Cat Rossi and Jana Scholze and forms part of their ongoing research into domesticity.

Sparke said the main goal of the exhibition is to have visitors “think about the meaning of ‘home’, present and future, and how home intersects with our individual and collective identities.”

Furthermore, it aims to look at the relationships and tensions between public and private life.

Visitors to the exhibition are met with a space that has been designed to imitate the calmness and comfort of a home. Here, viewers can watch the four films which cover themes of housing, identity, wellbeing and connectivity.

The films were created by Martha Rosler, Noam Toran, Superflux and Simone Niquille between 1989 and 2021 and connect with current issues such as climate change and human rights.

The values presented can be used to “explore and learn to understand priorities in politics, culture, economy, relationships between humans, non-humans and to the planet and even imitate dreams and desires”, said Scholze.

The exhibition is open to all and Scholze added: “We also hope that a lot of students will see the exhibition and find inspirations for their creative and theoretical work for or about domestic spaces.”

The exhibition is free to enter and runs until February 25.

By Wincent Hein

Third-year Journalism and Media Student at Kingston University and current design and layout sub-editor for the River newspaper.

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