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Best new Christmas albums of 2021

By Evie M Barrett Dec 9, 2021
Michael Bublé performingMichael Bublé, performing at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting. Credit: Brad Barket/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Tired of hearing the same old festive tunes? Everyone loves a Christmas song, but it can get a bit repetitive hearing the same ones year after year. To help solve your boredom, we have compiled a list of the best new releases to listen to this December.

Michael Bublé – Christmas (10th Anniversary Edition)

You may be thinking this one seems a little familiar – and you would be right. The king of Christmas, Michael Bublé, released his original Christmas album 10 years ago, which instantly became a classic. Now he is back with a revamped version of the UK’s favourite festive album, boasting seven new tracks for you to enjoy.

Michael Bublé, has well and truly defrosted for the year, and although he is not the coolest artist, he definitely becomes a guilty pleasure at Christmas time. So why not give his new additions a spin.

Kelly Clarkson – When Christmas Comes Around

Kelly Clarkson proved her festive worth when she released the 2013 hit Underneath the Tree. Her second Christmas venture is an album comprising both originals and covers.

One track features an appearance from pop queen Ariana Grande so the album is worth a listen for that alone. Throughout the rest of the tracklist though you will not be disappointed, being greeted by powerful yet angelic vocals.

Leona Lewis – Christmas With Love, Always

Another name that always pops up around Christmas, Leona Lewis, is best known at this time of year for her single One More Sleep. The song appears on her 2013 Christmas album, which has been jazzed up for a re-release this year, including a few new tracks such as a duet with Ne-Yo.

This album is definitely one to play whilst you relax by the fire and enjoy some quiet time this December.

Gary Barlow – The Dream of Christmas

Whilst we know he may be more suited to your mum’s tastes than your own, give Gary Barlow’s brand new album a chance. After all, it is Christmas. There are some slightly odd song titles that will spark your curiosity, such as A Child’s Christmas In Wales and My Dear Acquaintance. If you are decidedly bored of hearing the same songs over and over, Gary Barlow may just be the artist to give your Christmas soundtrack a makeover.

Darren Criss – A Very Darren Crissmas

Calling all Glee fans – have you exhausted the three installments of Christmas tunes that the show produced? Have no fear, as Glee’s very own Blaine Anderson, aka Darren Criss, has released his debut Christmas album this year.

Incredibly jazzy and bouncy, this one is great for when you are feeling fancy and in need of your own big band moment. If there is any time you are allowed to go over the top, it is Christmas, as Darren Criss clearly demonstrates with this selection of tunes.

With such a selection to choose from, there is no excuse for being a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas music this year. Turn the volume up, and enjoy.

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