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Black excellence at England’s first match

By Leah Kellman Nov 22, 2022
Saka with a smile on his face with both his fists balled up to celebrate England's fourth goalCredit: Dave Shopland/Shutterstock

England 6-2 Iran

In a historic first match against Iran at the Qatar World Cup, four of England’s black players helped put the team at the top of their group division. 

Jude Bellingham, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford scored one goal each, while their teammate, Bukayo Saka, scored two. Jack Grealish also scored.

In his tournament debut 19-year-old Bellingham scored his first international goal for England in the first half.  

Jude Bellingham and England manager, Gareth Southgate react to England’s win over Iran.

Saka and Sterling also scored in the first half, followed by Rashford, Saka again and Jack Grealish who scored the sixth and final goal in the second half.

Last year, Rashford and Saka missed penalties at the Euros but redeemed themselves at today’s opener.  

Saka, who was deservingly named Player of the Match, told Sky Sports during the post-match press conference: “My friends, my family who put their arm around me, the love of my teammates as well and the nation who supported me and just helped me to get into a good place- when I feel that love from everyone around me, it’s really good for me and it gives me a lot of confidence.”

England are currently leading with three points in their group B division. Their next match is against the US this Friday at 19:00.  

By Leah Kellman

Role: Features editor

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