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Where are KU students watching the World Cup

By Hashim A Otban Nov 23, 2022
Fans celebrating at BOXPARKFans celebrating at BOXPARK Photo: Mark Thomas/Shutterstock (12194902aa)

Where we watch the World Cup is such an important part of the tournament’s experience, and with the tournament taking place in the winter months, it’s an even bigger point of emphasis.

International football tournaments are always a cause for celebration and a time to bring together a nation.

In England, like many other countries, it is a unique opportunity for fans of rival football clubs to celebrate success together.

It’s very rare to see an Arsenal fan celebrating a Tottenham player scoring, but when England plays that is exactly what happens when captain Harry Kane gets on the score sheet.

Where, and who you choose to watch the competition with, is a make or break for your experience.

Things are slightly different with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar being scheduled for November and December this year.

Rather than people watching it on rooftops, parks, and in gardens in the heat, we can expect everyone to be watching indoors at work, school, university, or even on the train home.

Wahib Saiid, a student at Kingston University, said: “The vibes might not be completely the same because it’s basically winter now. But I’m going to try and watch it with my friends at uni, maybe in a lecture hall or an empty room.”

Another student, Givency Milliano had a more traditional approach to how he plans to watch this tournament. “I still plan to go to bars and big watch-alongs, I know the weather may not be the best, or what we are used to, but I’m not going to let that ruin the fun.”

So where should you watch the World Cup?

Watching at University is a great option for students. Lecture halls and classrooms can be booked via the Kingston University app and the Kingston Islamic Society is hosting watch-alongs in the Clattern Lecture Theatre at the Penrhyn Road campus.

There are also a large number of bars and community spaces that will be hosting the games like O’Neill’s and The Mill in Kingston or Pop Brixton further afield and all provide seating and various food and drink options.

BOXPARK, with venues in Shoreditch, Croydon and Wembley, has proven to be a hotspot for international football viewing dating back to the 2018 World Cup. The venues are always energetic with a stadium-like atmosphere and are definitely the closest thing to watching the games in person.

By Hashim A Otban

Social Media Editor and Reporter.

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