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Campus glamour: spot trends and get the look

By Hanaa Foura Oct 9, 2014

The weather is changing and with it, stylish students are resetting their wardrobes for autumn.  We have scoured around the KU campuses to track down the most fashionable, best-dressed students around. From oversized coats to bright dresses, these stylish students know what they are doing when it comes to campus style. And better yet, we show you how to get the look.

Oversized Coat                                                                 

Naz Balkaya
Naz Balkaya, 21, Fine Arts student

Get the look:

£90, riverisland.co.uk
£90, riverisland.co.uk

Naz has paired an oversized, slouchy coat with a relaxed beanie to create a casual yet stylish look. For a similar effect wear this beanie from H&M and coat with a fitted top or skinny jeans to complement the relaxed look. To add a grungy feel, wear military or biker boots.










Head wraps:

Alexa Tolentino, 20
Alexa Tolentino, 20, Film student

 Get the look: 

Head wrap, £2.99, forever21
£2.99, forever21.com

Alexa says that she got her scarf from a New York market stall. Since that is out of reach for some of us, head down to Camden market and you will find similar scarves of this pattern. The only problem is when you attempt to wrap it around you head. A simple tutorial on YouTube can show you how. However, if you do not have time to do those steps in the morning invest in these ‘pre wrapped’ head bands from Forever 21. You can get the same look with practically no effort.













Brighten up the dark days:

Lauren Greenslade, 19
Lauren Greenslade, 19, English Language and Communications and English Literature.

Get the look:

£20, F&F
£20, F&F

Here, Lauren has paired this bright mustard dress with black tights and boots. This really highlights the dress and makes it stand out. When going for a ‘pop of colour’ whether it is a scarf or tights keep other pieces of clothing neutral to make the item stand out and make a statement. It also balances the colours so you don’t end up looking like a watercolour palette. If you do not want to make such a contrast with your outfit, pair this dress with brown boots and a black belt to break up the colours.









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