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10 Great Things About KU

By Hanaa Foura Oct 7, 2014


University is a confusing and life-changing experience, sometimes you may wonder whether you made the right choice and what to expect. However, for all new students, whether you are an international or a home student, there is no need to worry because in every aspect of your degree there is all the help and support you need. The 10 points below prove that coming to Kingston University is the best choice you have made. For returning students, maybe we need a little pick-me-up to remind us why we are here and how truly great the University is.

1. With over 3,800 international students, the University is so diverse you will probably learn more about different cultures than your course. 

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2. Just kidding, the abundance of facilities including free language courses, and the amazing lecturers mean the university covers your studying needs too.

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3. London is only 25 minutes away by train, so if you want a fun day/night out you don’t have to look very far. Not to mention everything else you could do in the big city. Why not walk by the river at South Bank (near Waterloo), past all the funky street performers and munch on tasty foods from the delicious street vendors. A short walk down the river you will find the BFI London IMAX Cinema, London Eye and Jubilee Park. So, whether you are an international student wanting to explore London or a home student who just wants a change of scenery, Central is the way to go.

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1. The vast amount of societies means there should be something of interest to every student. There is almost a society for any degree subject, religion or background. And even some fun ones you probably would not expect like the Kingston Horse Riding society and the Wine Tasting society.

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5. Now, on to the fun part. As well as being close to central London, a variety of nightclubs such as the Hippodrome and McCluskys are just around the corner, for a little bit of stress relief from all that studying.

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6. Kingston is packed with takeaways pretty much around every corner in Kingston and Surbiton, keeping your belly happy after a night out.  Or if you want to be fancy, head down to Jamie’s Italian or Byron, which is only 10 minutes away from Penrhyn Road, for dinner.

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7.Not to mention the free bus service provided by the University allowing you to get to each campus, without getting lost or spending money. Bus stops are situated outside each campus with the KU1 going from Kingston Hill, to Roehampton Vale down to Penrhyn Road. For Knights Park jump on the KU2 and you will be on your way. 

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8.Let us be honest, there may be some stressful times. Some moments when things just are not working out.

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9.But you are not alone because:

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10.Last but not least, the people. I remember in my first year, I just felt completely nervous and did not really know what to expect from the people at Kingston. Will they be intimidating or think I am stupid? However, all my fears were completely diminished when at least five students, whom I had never met, smiled at me and even helped me find my way around during the first two days at the university. I have to say they are the friendliest, most interesting and not being bias but probably the best you will ever meet. From lecturers to students, most people just want to help you out with probably the most hectic but rewarding three years you have ever embarked on.

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