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Coleen Rooney wears t-shirts designed by Kingston University graduate

By Ariane D De Oliveira Nov 29, 2019
Chayanis Jumrus using her t-shirt design

Celebrities including Coleen Rooney and Rochelle Humes have pictured wearing KU art graduate t-shirt design in the Jeans for Genes campaign.

Chayanis Jumrus created the designs for the charity which supports children and families living with genetic disorders.

“I am very proud of myself. When I saw my t-shirt on Instagram posted by famous people, it made me feel so excited,” she said.

Jumrus won the competition which asked 40 masters students to come up with with their own creative designs based on human DNA and genes.

“The charity came up to the university and gave us a brief and the requirements.

“We had to design t-shirts that were inspired a human’s DNA and it had to be unisex,” she said.

Students had classes once a week so tutors could give them feedback and helping them improve on their designs.

“I used twisted rectangles which refer to the structure of the DNA. I also added the different colour tress inside.

“The use of the colours represents genetic disorders,” she said.

Batman and Batgirl make up the rest of the double helix DNA strand.

The final selection takes part in a closed panel and all judges take part in selecting their favourite design.

“The designs are then sent to our fashion panel for review and is chosen,” said Lina Abdulkarim Marketing and Communications Manager.

“The winning design was chosen by a panel of the fashion industry including Coleen Rooney, Louise Thompson, Maurice Mullen and Alexandra Fullerton.”

Jumrus also worked with Warner Brother Studio after winning the competition and they come up with a new concept called ‘Fight for good things.’

The new t-shirt design used grunt to make it look like street fashion.

She advises students that wish to apply for the competition to read the brief properly and understand the details of it.

By studying, brainstorming and discussing it with friends and tutors.

“Do not be afraid and open up your mind,” she said.

Chayanis Jumrus is currently working at a Thaipinto Restaurant designing their menus, making video content and managing their websites.

She is planning on returning to her home country Thailand in January.

Lina Abdulkarim asks students to do their research into the charity and cause, to understand the audience and most of all to enjoy the learning process.

“We have seen some many amazing designs over the years and have been so impressed with how each and every student has interpreted our brief,” she said.

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