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Clegg turned his back on us

By River Reporter Mar 21, 2013

Nick Clegg refused to apologise to Kingston students for breaking his promises concerning fees.

Ben Stevens

Love him or hate him, Nick Clegg is our Deputy Prime Minister. He holds a very influential position over our lives and gets a decent salary for doing so.
But let’s not forget who voted for him, and why.
Broken promises
In 2010, following the largest protests we have seen since the 1980s, Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems made a promise to everyone at this University that they would vote against a rise in student fees.
Clegg made it clear to us that this ‘promise’ was not merely a blasé statement.
But Clegg turned his back on this pledge, and on the student community to which he owes his position. It resulted in higher education being even more difficult to obtain. 
Crippling debt
The generation who got university education for free have told our generation we must undergo crippling debt for the same privilege.
Well luckily for us, good old Nick has said ‘sorry’ – all water under the bridge. Why should we expect another apology when we’ve had a perfectly good one already? 
Those of you who have seen the apology, or more likely the song, may have a few reasons why he should present a proper apology.
“He needs to apologise to students directly”
For starters, an apology made on the internet bears little gravitas, however nicely highlighted by the immensely popular song that followed it.
For Clegg to really make amends, he needs to apologise to students directly. The Deputy Prime Minister should right the wrongs that have led to a monumental lack of faith in both himself and his party. 
An internet video of a cryptic apology is simply not enough.

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