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“Give Natalija a break” says The River’s deputy online editor

By River Reporter Feb 22, 2013

It is beyond me how some British tabloids always manage to blame random eastern Europeans for a benefit system that they find unreasonable.

Sofia Capel

It is also beyond me how people think it is reasonable that a highly- educated single mother who speaks six languages should be happy with a low-income job rather than looking out for something she is worthy of.

Natalija Belova gets £14,508 a year in benefits, which you cannot live a decent life on when you are a single parent.

Spend time with her daughter

She works part-time from home and earns an extra £400 a week, which makes the living situation for her and her daughter better.

They get to spend time together and Miss Belova’s daughter does not need to live on chicken nuggets from Iceland and other god-awful foods that children from low-income families often have to put up with.

If Miss Belova worked more she would get less money and not see her daughter as much. Who can blame her for how the benefits system works?

Masters degree

And why do people seem so keen to see her on her hands and knees stacking supermarket shelves when she has a master’s degree in business administration?

This idea that it is honourable to work hard for nothing is only putting obstacles in people’s way. They need to realise their worth and potential, not to get stuck in a workplace where their boss has less education and experience than them.

To take a job you are over qualified for only because “everyone else” does it is not a valid argument.

Paying for other people’s benefits

Why accept a lower living standard for yourself and your children when there are other opportunities? Getting yourself an education proves that you are determined to do well; not that you plan to live on benefits all your life.

And what people must not forget is that once you get a well-payed job, you will spend the rest of your life paying tax and paying for other people’s benefits.

People need to take their focus away from struggling immigrants and single parents on benefits and start questioning why the ones at the top pay so little tax.

Give Natalija a break.

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