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TOWIE: Has Charlie come out?

By River Reporter Oct 29, 2012

The couples’ arguments continue between Sam and Joey and Ricky and Jess. Chloe and Darrell go out for sushi, and Joey attempts to run on water.

Chloe talks to Frankie

Chloe talks to cousin Frankie about DJ Darrell and discovers that Lauren Pope went out on a date with him.

Sam & Joey

Sam and Joey want to stop arguing and Sam understands she cannot tell Joey to get out of the house, as it is now theirs, but when she asks Joey why he cries, another argument begins to brew.

Jess & Ricky

Little Chris and Ricky chat about Jess, and Ricky admits he knows it is not her, but he cannot change who he is or what he does and says it is complicated. Jess talks to Gemma about her problems with Ricky and is sure they are broken up, for once Gemma is speechless but advises her that if someone wants to be with you, they will.

Diags and Chloe concerned for Joey

Diags and Chloe go shopping and are both concerned for Joey, and that perhaps he moved in with Sam too quickly. Darrell calls Chloe and asks her out for something to eat and typical Diags makes Chloe laugh down the phone.

Will Ricky give him and Jess another go?

Jess and Ricky meet up and are both in similar minds about their relationship, she feels he ended it and for now Ricky sees no future, but he is willing to give it another go? 

Charlie opens up

Charlie meets up with Kirk for advice about anxiety attacks. Charlie opens up about his family problems, as well as how he feels he cannot socialise.

Is love back on the cards for Gemma & Arg?

Gemma hosts a single’s night and during her speech about the difficulty in finding love, Arg, Diags and Tom P walk in throwing Gemma off track mid-speech. Arg and Gemma chat and she tells him he will never find anyone better than her. During their conversation, Jasmine turns up, thinking Arg invited her when in fact Diags sent her texts from Arg’s phone and Gemma runs off in tears.

Sam and Joey have yet another argument. Sam feels his friends do not like her and wants Joey to talk to her about their problems, not his friends. Joey calls Sam “nasty” because she keeps saying about breaking up, although she says she does not really mean it and Joey gets upset because he cannot think of anything worse than them splitting up.

The lads catch up

Arg, Joey, Diags and Tom P catch up at a park and Joey shoes off his new shoes that can (supposedly) help you to run on water. The first attempt is unsuccessful as Joey falls flat on his face in the water. The second attempt is a good effort and leaves all the boys in hysterics.

Little Chris shows Mario his new balloon making skills and Lucy and Mario agree on how to use the money from the engagement ring without arguing (shocking).

Are Darrell and Chloe an item?

Darrell and Chloe meet up for sushi and when Chloe asks Darrell if it is a date or just friends, Darrell is unsure on how to answer, although says he does not play games, leaving Chloe with plenty to think about.

The boys go for a Bond theme night at Kirk’s and Joey takes plenty of gadgets for them to all try out. Joey leaves a spy microphone in the kitchen and when Kirk and Charlie go off for a chat; Joey, Diags and Arg hear every word as Charlie says he would never say never to a same sex relationship.

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