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The Art of Churchill

By River Reporter Nov 23, 2013

Carl Hoare and Stefanie Tschirky with their work

One Sir Winston Churchill stands tall and proud in front of dozens of his books; another Winston Churchill reminisces about that time he fled the Boer prisons.

This is how artworks of MA Illustration graduate Carl Hoare, and final year BA Fashion student Stefanie Tschirky, highlighted the famous politician’s life and personality.

Their creations qualified them to be amongst eight candidates for the 2013 Pentland Winston Churchill Design Award.

Carl Hoare, 32, who graduated from Kingston University in 2011, won second place in the competition.

“I knew I wanted to tell the story. I wanted him to be thinking about the incident,” he said. “I wasn’t sure if he was going to be dreaming, or if he was going to be awake remembering it.”

The competition invited UK students and graduates to create an inspiring piece of artwork that captured the spirit of Churchill and encapsulated his relevance to the contemporary scene in the UK today.

Students were able to portray their 2D work through graphic design, textile, painting or any other artistic medium.

A man to remember 

Hoare’s piece, The Extraordinary Tale of Young Sir Winston, depicts Churchill when he was in South Africa during the Boer War in 1899.

Hoare simplified the famous phase in the statesman’s life, where he was captured by Boer forces and taken to prison.

Organisers of the competition, the Pentland Group, were so impressed with Hoare’s work that they decided to offer him a paid internship in February.

Swedish fashion student, Stefanie Tschirky, also had a highly commended piece submitted.

Her work,Winston Churchill – The Journalist, Writer and Thinker, is a sculpture of books with Churchill painted on them with acrylics.

She said: “I decided to use books because I thought that his life was built around them. I also wanted to show how we know about him – it is literally through books.”

Tschirky concentrated mostly on Churchill’s iconic outfit as we know it: the hat, the bowtie, the suit and of course, the cigar.

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