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Creative agency found by KU Alumni expands and creates more jobs

By Tina Dahmen Dec 12, 2015

Kingston University’s entrepreneur alumni to create more jobs for fellow students and alumni with their established creative agency.

The company, TOGADA, is creating an average of two jobs per month in the photography field with their new brand VIPics.

A KU film student, Gintare Urbaité, said: “I’ve only started working at TOGADA a few weeks ago, but I already find myself in the right place. It’s a fantastic team; positive, energetic, creative. The job itself is absolutely great! I use my hobby (photography) to work.

“I don’t think it can get any better if you enjoy yourself to the fullest whilst working. More importantly – the team is very encouraging. They really push you towards what you’re best at.”

TOGADA’s team is composed of twelve people and based at Kingston Hill campus. Two thirds are KU students and alumni from various fields and the agency is split into two parts.

The first part of TOGADA offers services, which creates media content such as video making, animation, photography and graphic design for start-up, social businesses, sustainable businesses and charities. 

Their team covered content for the IntMock-up-NEST-logo3ernational Youth Art Festival and for Kingston University, such as poster design, documentaries, promotional videos as well as photography and the logo for the Kingston Nest, which is a co-working space for student entrepreneurs.

Secondly, their new brand VIPics, an event and nightclub photography brand which produces work for various big companies and nightclubs such as Hippodrome, Viper, Pryzm, Be At One, and Jewel Piccadilly.

Founder Riccardo Pezzuolo said: “We are international and interdisciplinary people with different expertise and backgrounds which allows us to see problems from different angles and creates original ideas.”

KU student and marketing coordinator at TOGADA, Marta Prades, said: “What I like about working with the team is that here are all ideas welcome. It’s a very creative space where I feel free to let my imagination run.”
The dream of the three childhood friends Umberto, Jacopo, and Riccardo to create a diverse community, in which artists are encouraged to develop their talent through creative jobs, is now a reality.


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