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Rapper Immortal Technique to come to Kingston

By Samuel Jarrett Jan 15, 2016

Immortal Technique, one of Hip Hop’s most prolific artists is set to deliver a lecture at Kingston University.

Felipe Andres Coronel, better known for his stage name Immortal Technique, is described as more than just an underground Hip Hop artist, but often labelled as an activist, humanitarian and a revolutionary. He was born in Peru and raised in Harlem, New York, where he launched his career and captivated the minds of underground hip hop.

“It’s mad to be blessed with these opportunities,” said Kimarli Allen president of Kingston’s Hip Hop Society. “A year ago Kingston didn’t even have a Hip Hop society, but now look.”

Kingston student and society president Rei Daniels publicly made the announcement of Coronel’s appending visit to Kingston on his Facebook page. Daniels has been responsible for bringing an array of speakers to the university through his Get Inspired to do More (GIM) campaign. Established in 2014, GIM’s aim is to help motivate students to get the most out of university by providing educational events and inviting speakers to the campus.

Legendary rapper KRS-One with Kingston students.
Legendary rapper KRS-One with Kingston students.

Last year, Kingston University hosted numerous guest speakers, one of which was KRS-One, Hip Hop’s most influential and respected artists. The rapper came to the University to speak on is legacy and offer his insight to both fans and academics about Hip Hop’s history.

“We were definitely inspired by both KRS and Daniels,” said Allen.

“We saw what Daniels was doing and thought ok, this is just the beginning. We can take this and run with it. Let’s build on what he started.”

MOBO award winner and acclaimed rapper Akala also visited the university to lecture about African history. This lecture was provided by Daniels and the Luso society, as a part of the GIM campaign.

Allen credits the success of the Hip Hop society to the vision Daniels had with GIM.

Coronel, has used his platform to spread a political message, with songs themed around religion, class struggle, government and institutional racism, his controversial approach has gained him a cult following.

His harsh lyrics often narrate the bitter reality of life. He spent a year and a half as a student at Pennsylvania State. His education was cut short after being imprisoned. It was in solitary confinement when he began writing lyrics. After being paroled in 1999, Coronel moved back to Harlem and became focused on the Hip Hop, building a name for himself and winning battles in the underground hip hop scene, under the moniker Immortal Technique.

After several years working on his music and putting out several albums, Coronel diverted his attention to philanthropy, raising $50,000 through CD sales and a series of benefit concert, for a non-profit organization called Omeid, formed by Shamisa Razaqi.

Immortal Technique In Afghanistan
Rapper Immortal Technique in Afghanistan

Razaqi approached Coronel in 2006 with her goal to build an orphanage and a medical center in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Coronel traveled to Afghanistan, to help start the orphanage and told the Public Radio International that the experience changed him. “It made me glad that I have my mother and father. I know not everybody has the best relationship in the world with their parents,” he said.

“But at least to have somebody that is willing to provide for you, that loves you enough to say, I’m not going to abandon you. It made me look at the future of what I’m going to do one day. And say hey, you know what, when I get to be a father, I’m going to be there. Today it’s just going to be you and me… because I saw the way it changes people’s lives.”

No set date has been set for Coronel’s lecture, but Daniels believes it will be towards the Spring term.

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