Sat. Mar 23rd, 2024

First ever Hindu Temple opens at Kingston University

Devaki Amin (left) and Simran Vyas (right) PC - Sarangi Anand

The first-ever Hindu temple was inaugurated for Kingston University students on campus on October 17.

Third year phramacy student and former Hindu society president Simran Vyas and Devaki Amin, a PGSE secondary maths student, campaigned for over two years to bring the temple to campus.

Vyas said: “In 2017, as the President of the Hindu society, I attended multiple faith meetings in the University.

“Over the course of two years, after uncountable meetings and emails, we finally saw the light.”

The temple will uphold weekly prayers from November 4 at the University’s spiritual centre.

Vyas said: “The Hindu temple is the centre point for all religious and cultural activities for the community. “Having a temple on campus allows students to break away from university life and create a home away from home.”

Amin said: “I believe that the temple is an amazing opportunity to practice faith and encourage inter-faith collaborations between other communities on campus.”

The opening ceremony of the temple was held at the John Galsworthy building on the Penrhyn Road Campus and KU faith advisor, Louise Walton and Deputy Vice-chancellor, Martyn Jones have also helped in bringing the temple to campus.

“We discussed the temple itself with those concerned and the University have provided us with a lockable unit to place and protect the deities,” said Amin.



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