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Five UK musicians to listen out for

By Plamedi Mbungu Oct 12, 2023

From the soulful melodies present within R&B to genre-bending production in the rap scene, this year, more than any other, British artists seem poised to top the global charts.

Our picks for breakout artists this year stand out by seamlessly combining dynamic live performances with a savvy presence on social media.

They are not necessarily newcomers, but are starting to receive recognition and acclaim for their work. 


You can’t talk about top newcomers without talking about ‘Number One Candidate’, the breakout song from AntsLive.

He is a north London based artist who has used stunning visuals to garner a cult-following on TikTok, but is by no means a gimmick. 

His tracks combine punchy lyrics with infectious flow.

Breakthrough track: Number One Candidate

Most recent release: Ooh La La

Track you’ve got to check out: Lightskin Beatle


Len is one of the fore-runners of the genre-blending UK underground scene. His music defies easy definition as he draws inspiration from dark-trap to alte to jungle. 

His recent release LEHGOLAND is a lively and energetic project which showcases his pen-game, as the newcomer comfortably holds his own, going bar to bar with the likes of Lancey, Unknown T, and Odunsi (The Engine).

Breakthrough track: BEBE

Most recent release: LEHGOLAND

Track you’ve got to check out: JET-LI FREESTYLE

Tommy Saint

Saint has been called one of the key players of the dark-R&B genre.

Well-sung raspy melodies are a staple in many Tommy Saint tracks and his breakthrough track Elixir showcases his ability to transport his listeners to another realm and reminisce about good and bad times alike. 

For rap fanatics that are impressed by straight spitting, his tracks Chroma Freestyle and Never are great examples of his hard-hitting flows. 

.Breakthrough track: Elixir

Most recent release: Chroma Freestyle

Track you’ve got to check out: My Phone


From receiving widespread critical acclaim for her debut EPs to performing at Wireless, Bellah’s accolade list is rapidly growing and for good reason. 

The British/Nigerian artist has been going from strength to strength, establishing herself as one of the leaders of British R&B.

Her most recent release Adultsville is a powerful and emotive album which details her transition into womanhood. Bellah explains in an interview with Complex: “I wanted to create a project that fully represents me.”

Breakthrough track: Home

Most recent release: Adultsville

Track you’ve got to check out: Never Loved


Fimiguerrero has a rapidly growing audience, as he proves himself to be one of the most promising figures in the British underground renaissance. 

His style embodies the abrasive and bold dark-trap/punk rap genre.

Already gaining high-profile collabs with Lancey Foux on his tracks Doppelgänger and Dark Knight, Fimi is quickly proving himself to be the first choice for listeners who crave whole-hearted authenticity.

Breakthrough track: Dark Knight

Most recent release: IMMIGRANT

Track you’ve got to check out: For a Fact

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