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Flooding at Seething Wells forces students to stay in hotels

By Megan Kelly Oct 10, 2023

Students have been forced to move into temporary accommodation after a mains pipe exploded at
Seething Wells, flooding the whole building. Water also poured out of outlets and light fixtures.
Students have taken to TikTok to express frustration at the evacuation.

TikTok user @Abbief08, who lived in F block, said: “I wasn’t even notified that our flat had been
flooded or made aware of any of the damage. I also wasn’t offered alternative accommodation and
luckily could stay with my boyfriend.” She has since been moved over to the Kingston Hill campus.

TikTok user @Saskialewisbelza, posted a viral video, which has had over 100,000 views . She was
living in F block of the accommodation but now is currently staying in a hotel for the foreseeable
Saskia told us: “The university has been very helpful in these unusual circumstances, they’ve
relocated us to a Travelodge in Teddington and are supporting us with food and travel costs.”

This flooding comes just after the completion of the full refurbishment of Seething Wells
accommodation, that has been in the works for the past three years.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “On 17 September, a burst water main was reported in Block F at Seething Wells halls of residence. The halls management team responded to the incident swiftly to ensure the safety of student residents in the vicinity. Alternative accommodation has been provided for all students affected. The University is doing everything it can to ensure damage caused by the flooding is repaired as quickly as possible and is providing regular updates to the students concerned.”

credit: Saskia Lewis Belza

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