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KSA graduates score seven short film nominations

By Emily S Kimber Nov 10, 2021
Frankie Price starring as the featured artist in Controller'Controller' has been nominated for seven short film festivals so far. Photo: Tom Pilling

Two KSA graduates have been racking up award nominations left, right and centre with their short film, Controller, with the recent nomination for the Ealing Film Festival upping the total to an admirable seven. 

Tom Pilling and Frankie Price, both of whom studied Graphic Design at KU, are the masterminds behind the three-minute short film. Working together, the 25-year-olds shared the jobs between them in this collaborative project.

Pilling, who is first and foremost a director of photography, was responsible for all things technical, taking on the roles of video editor, sound engineer and gaffer. Price, who works as a graphic design and brand consultant, worked on the narrative side of the project, acting as the concept editor, storyboard artist, director and featured artist in the final film. 

Unsurprisingly, the duo is thrilled with the positive response they have received for Controller in terms of both YouTube engagement and short film festival recognition.

“It’s really rewarding seeing people react positively to the work we’ve had so much fun creating,” Price said. 

Their YouTube channel, Celebration of the Silly, was created as a result of the uncertainties and seriousness of the pandemic.

“We thought what better time to share a quick and fun one-day project that didn’t take itself too seriously? Controller was our first installment of what we always wanted to be a series of video projects, all of which celebrate anything and everything silly,” Price said.

So when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, and when life gives you a global pandemic, you might as well use the opportunity to produce a multi-award nominated short film, so as the saying goes for Pilling and Price. 

KU beginnings

The pair are not unfamiliar with working together, having discovered how well their strengths and differences complement each other during their time at KU. “We both love problem solving and I think this is why we continue to work together on such a regular basis in our careers. It’s just so exciting finally doing it again for our own enjoyment and without the restrictions of following a client’s needs and wants,” Price said. 

Pilling, as Price describes him, was always obsessed with cameras even before starting university, an obsession which evidently continued considering his current profession as director of photography. To match, Price has always been interested in narrative and communication through visuals.

“We always made a good pairing because of our differences in the way we think. Of course, this almost guarantees some creative conflicts along the way, but it all boils down to the fact that we give a crap about the work we’re putting out there, and we will both make our cases to one another for how best to do this, whether it’s wardrobe choices, lighting, narrative changes,” Price said. 

The filmmaking duo show no signs of slowing down and have a number of other projects in the works, including the filming of Sh*t Scared, set to come out this Christmas.  

By Emily S Kimber


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