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Heartbreaking cup defeat for Kingston ladies

By Joe Barclay Mar 5, 2015

Kingston ladies football team suffered a heart-breaking semi-final defeat at the hands of St Mary’s University in a close fought game on Wednesday afternoon.

The game started very well for Kingston as they dominated possession throughout the first half and created numerous opportunities that were unsuccessful.

Captain Bauke Scramm said: “It was a very disappointing result today, we’ve done very well in the cup and we’ve been preparing quite well for this game. Just absolutely gutted to see us lose now, they’re a strong side.

“I think this is a game we should have won but it didn’t happen but at least we played well as a team and that’s the only positive we can take away from it.”

The second half was where Kingston began to struggle, with the wind against them, St Mary’s began to dominate and created chances

“Unfortunately in the second half we ran out of legs a little bit” said coach Sam Merrison. “Also when we had the wind advantage in the first half we had to make something count, I’ve always thought that up here at Tolworth.

“At half time at 0-0 we hadn’t used our chances we always knew that St Mary’s would come in and have some of their own in the second half and that’s really what happened.”

St Mary’s made their pressure pay midway through the second half when a low shot and defensive mistakes led to the ball finding the back of the net.

Kingston looked a little disorganised as the game restarted and never really found their feet again, despite good performances from individuals, the team play from the first half that put St Mary’s defence under pressure never really restored itself.

St Mary’s second goal was praiseworthy, from the outside of the box on the right wing, it looped across the box and into the far side of the net that very few goalkeepers would have kept out.

Despite the defeat Scram praised her players for their spirit and dedication to the team.

“I’ve got to give a big compliment to my girls who keep fighting every time, win or lose and I’m really proud of them.

“We’ve got some really good players and some players who definitely deserved a lot more credit for their dedication because they might not be as technically good but they’re really getting out there, training and doing it for the team and that’s what it’s all about.”

Merrison said: “It was a classic cup game, end to end, well fought by both teams.. It was a close game, St Mary’s two nil up I think flattered them, but we’ve just got to move on, regroup and focus on our remaining league games.

“We’re second, first place is too far away but second would be a really good achievement and in years gone by second can sometimes go up. “

Kingston will play University of Westminster next Wednesday.

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