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How to regain your identity in a world of masks

By Tavanna Green Jan 7, 2021
Covid has stolen our facial identity with mask wearing restrictions. Image by Tavanna Green

By now, we are all aware of the pandemic that has been plaguing us since 2020. How can we ever forget it? It snuck into 2021 with us, stole our identity, our Christmas and even our New Year’s Day celebrations. Anyone else fed up with Covid stealing our quality of life? 

Sadly, we can’t get Christmas or New Year’s day back, but we can steal some aspect of our identity back in 2021. Here’s how to do it.

1) Be yourself

I know it’s a cliché but no one is going to know who you truly are unless you be yourself. Part of being a university student is finding out who you are and what makes you different. In a world where we are encouraged to wear surgical masks, stay at home, and discouraged from having a face to face conversation, it is difficult to stand out.

Being yourself will benefit your wellbeing and contribute to your overall happiness. If we are denied the chance to be ourselves, eventually, we just end up unhappy with mental health problems.

TikTok Logo
Social media can be used to create an online identity. Image By Tavanna Green.

2) Create an online presence that shows a glimpse of your personality

Make use of sites like Instagram and TikTok to express your creativity. Take opportunities to have a little fun. Dance, Laugh, create. You can’t be forced to wear a mask if you are at home. Use these platforms for what they were made for, communication. Show the side of you that people don’t see, not who you aspire to be.

Instagram Logo
Social media can be used to create an online identity. Image By Tavanna Green.

3) Wear creative masks

Don’t hide behind your masks. Let your masks highlight you instead. Why not get creative? You’ll still have protection and you’ll definitely stand out. Who can forget a distinctive mask?

Image of a multicoloured mask
Protective masks can be used for self-expression. Image by Tavanna Green

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