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‘Iraq will prevail over IS’

By Martine Meland Nov 27, 2014
Baroness Nicholson of Wintetrbourne after accepting a Doctorate of Letters from Kingston University 12 November

History shows that Iraq will win in its battle with  Islamic State (IS), a political veteran and new Kingston University Honorary Doctor has said.

Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne, who is also the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy, has predicted that Iraq will be victorious in its battle against IS extremists because of its traditions and founding principles as a nation.

“Iraq will get rid of IS from its territory because historically the country has functioned as a multi-religious state and with a system which incorporates the separation of powers,” said the Baroness, speaking ahead of receiving a Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Kingston University on November 12.

“The internal affairs of these two countries have become part of everyday life in Britain as a result of the armed forces’ missions there,” she said.

Through her work in Iraq and Afghanistan, Baroness Nicholson said she had gained significant insight into the two countries she believes are most prominent in shaping international politics since the turn of the century.

While public opinion may be divided over the British presence in these conflicted countries, Baroness Nicholson believed it had been the right thing to do provided that the benefits brought about so far were followed up.

“The work of Britain and the United States, together with their main coalition partners, has brought access to public health, education for all and provided rights for women,” she said.

“However, the work is not over and the next steps, particularly in education, are absolutely vital.”

Baroness Nicholson is also the founder of Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), a global organisation, which aims to facilitate business, trade, investment and technology into the Republic of Iraq, including Kingston University.

It was through IBBC that professor Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds, deputy Vice-Chancellor of Education at Kingston Univerisity, met the Baroness and, through their work together, he wanted to honour her achievements.

“Her ability to speak with conviction, to convince others through debate and argument and to bring people together to find solutions to what might seem insurmountable obstacles, is remarkable”, said Eales-Reynolds.

“These principles match those of Kingston University, which is why I was so keen for us to recognise the Baroness’ achievements.”

Baroness Nicholson said she truly appreciated the honour and looked forward to doing more in conjunction with the university, and urged students to take part in the political process.

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