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Kingston cheerleading: First seasonal showcase

By Alliyah Facey Feb 1, 2023

The Kingston University cheerleading squad, the Kingston Cougars, had the opportunity to showcase their talents at an event held by Surrey Starlets on Sunday.

Performances began at 6pm with a tumble show-off followed by 18 other team performances. 

Left base Syrai Scarlett said: “During the showcase I was quite nervous as I had to perform in front of a big crowd and the fear of making a mistake was overwhelming, but after competing, my cheer squad all congratulated each other and I got praise from my family.

“As a result I am looking forward to our upcoming performance in Manchester.”

The Cougar squad members were divided into two teams: Blues, beginners who have one training session per week and Golds, which consisted of more experienced players, having two sessions each week.

A showcase offers teams in various divisions an opportunity to highlight anything they would like to show, often a combination of stunts and dance routines.

Flyer Imogen Winter said: “I was definitely scared considering I’m relying on core strength and on my base team members not to drop me, but I knew we would pull it off.”

Surrey Starlets runs a competitive and recreational programme for cheerleading and celebrate their 25th anniversary this year.

The programme offers a strong sense of family and teamwork, providing athletes with an opportunity to make friends, compete nationally and learn important life skills.

Between the two teams, Blues and Golds, Kingston Cougars managed to perform extremely well.

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