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RugNet raises £400+ at charity event

By William De Sousa Feb 10, 2023
KU Rugby and Netball teams at RugNet charity event. Credit: Jac Stoddard

Kingston University’s Rugby and Netball team came together to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

The event saw the KU men’s rugby team play netball, whilst the netball team played touch rugby, in the charity event at Tolworth Sports Ground.

The rules of touch rugby state that if touched, you must stop and return to the exact position where you were first touched and roll the ball between your legs to the scrum half.

KU netball wing defender and centre, Marth Heron said: “I was social secretary on the night, so I aimed to make it fun for everyone involved both playing and spectating.”

She added that the RugNet charity event started a few years ago after a boy from the rugby team unfortunately took his life and last year the event supported a men’s mental health charity.

The two teams managed to raise over £400 for MacMillan, with £3 donations coming from those who took part in the sports.

MacMillan Cancer Support is a charity which raises money to provide vital cancer services, research, and campaigns for better cancer care.

According to MacMillan, it is estimated that there are currently 3m people living with cancer in the UK, with the number expecting to rise to 3.5 m by 2025.

NHS UK have also said that one in two people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

KU rugby player Bora Ulasan, who studies business management said: “Rugby boys actually had more fun playing netball than rugby! It was fun and we really enjoyed it.”

He added: “KU rugby and KU netball are really close and love to say we are one big family. We always go out with each other and interact on most days.”

Despite their purpose of raising money for charity, the competitive nature was not lost in both teams. “We wanted to beat them at their own sport, and we learnt and saw what it’s like from the netball girls and what it’s like to play!” said Ulasan.

By William De Sousa

Sport Editor for the River 2022-23. I enjoy writing match reports and like to keep up with sports news mostly Football. @WDSJourno

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