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Kingston is the safest borough in London

By Isabela Vrba Neves Jan 22, 2015
[REX Features]

Kingston is the safest borough in London with just 15.41 crimes per 1000 residents in the borough between the periods of May 2013 to April 2014.

In the data compiled from the police, the scores were based on reported incidents of burglaries, robberies and violent crimes within a three mile radius of each university’s main campus.

Comparing Kingston with other areas in London, Jen Chan, International Business student, said: “I am aware that the crime rate in Kingston is lower, so I do feel safer.”

Roehampton was the second safest with a 18.32 score and St Mary’s followed with 18.47.

However previous violent incidents in Kingston, such as the rape of a man in nightclub Pryzm, contradict the borough’s image of a safe upper-class neighbourhood, according to International Business student, Ellis Dawson, 22.

“To be honest it is the same as in any other city, it’s got a different image of what it really is,” said Dawson.

Dawson has had her phone stolen twice while on a night out in Kingston and she also witnessed a fight near her home after the Christmas holidays.

The Complete University Guide (CUG) 2014 came out with the tables looking at official crime data most relevant to students at university neighbourhoods.

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