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Kingston Islamic Society celebrates success of first major event of the year

By Hashim A Otban Oct 5, 2022

Sheikh Jameel Rasheed was the special guest speaker at Kingston University Islamic Society’s first major event of the year, held at the Penrhyn Road Campus this week.

The event titled, “What is your vision in life?” featured Sheikh Rasheed who has been working in Islamic organisations for 22 years and is also the Head of Communications at Nujum Sports.

In a talk that lasted just over an hour, Sheikh Rasheed focused on points such as the value of time and the importance of having a beneficial purpose in life, in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

Members of The Kingston Islamic Society Committee were pleased with the turnout at the event.

 “Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), we had a wonderful start to the new academic year. After welcoming the new, amazing freshers and the previous members of the Islamic society to our awesome Meet & Greet, our first big talk of the year went quite well with over 100 attendees.”

After the talk, the Sheikh led the Maghrib prayer and then followed a short question and answer session covering several queries from students which helped enlighten them in regards to Islamic teachings and stories of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The Islamic Society is now looking ahead to further events that students should keep an eye out for.

“We are looking forward to having as many students engaged through these weekly activities and our upcoming events, especially during Charity Week at the end of October when a huge number of students can come together through a bunch of fun activities and events to raise money for the orphans around the world.”

If you are interested in the Kingston Islamic Society and any of their future events you can find them on their Instagram @Kingstonisoc.

By Hashim A Otban

Social Media Editor and Reporter.

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