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Sir Ed Davey: Conservative economic plans are a ‘disgrace’

By Charlie Evans Sep 29, 2022
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Kingston and Surbiton MP Sir Ed Davey has criticised the government’s economic policies and plans to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Students, like all households, face bigger bills now the energy price cap has risen again, meaning costs have more than doubled since last year.

Davey told BBC News: “This Conservative government doesn’t get it and doesn’t care and I think that’s a disgrace.”

On Twitter, Davey said Truss and Kwarteng were “playing ideology with people’s lives and don’t care about the consequences.”

Local MP Ed Davey has disagreed with the Conservative’s economic plans to ease the cost-of-living crisis.

He also called on them to cancel the Conservative paty conference taking place this week and get back to work to fix the mess.

The downturn in the economy has compounded the financial pressures of university life for students.

Last week, Save the Student published the findings from their National Student Money Survey 2022 detailing how students are struggling with higher prices.

Living costs for students have increased by 14% since the 2021 survey with the average London student spending £1,089 per month, the highest rate across the UK.

Despite this, the maximum funding increase in England by the government will only be 2.3%.

The shortfall between the Maintenance Loan and student living costs is now £439 every month, up by almost £100 from last year.

One in 10 of those surveyed revealed they had used a food bank in the previous academic year and 52% said they may drop out of university because of financial problems.

It also found 82% of students worry about their finances and 31% said their grades will suffer as a result.

If you are worried about money you can contact Kinston University’s welfare advisors here.

By Charlie Evans

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