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Kingston Ladies Football train with Chelsea

By Anthony Waterworth Mar 9, 2015
KULFC and Chelsea Ladies after their training session - credit: Gazprom Chelsea FC

Kingston Uni Ladies Football Club had the opportunity to train with Chelsea Ladies on Saturday at the Blue’s training ground in Cobham.

Vice-captain Keri Ventre won a competition online which allowed the Cougars to have a private training session with members of the Chelsea Ladies team to celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday.

Ventre said: “It’s been an amazing experience; I still can’t believe that I won. It was great to meet the players, speak to them about playing at the highest level and getting tips from them to improve my game. They were all so nice.”

There were over 70 entries into the competition and the girls all got free t-shirts, scarfs and tickets to a Blue’s home game, but these came secondary to getting the chance to play with the top role models in the sport.

KULFC have enjoyed a successful season, they are placed well in the league and enjoyed a good cup run to reach the semi-finals last Wednesday.

Emma Hayes, team manager said: “The Kingston girls were fantastic. They came with a brilliant attitude and we really enjoy hosting days like this. I wanted to get across to girls just how many opportunities in sport there are for women now.”

Chelsea Ladies are set to leave Cobham and move to Kingston next year as part of the club’s development which could potentially set up a link between the clubs.

Click here to watch the KULFC training session with Chelsea

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