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Kingston University make short work of Imperial College London

By Noemi S Rodrigues Mar 6, 2020
KU basketball team victory against Imperial College


Kingston University’s basketball team triumph against Imperial College with a 112 points win taking home a 54 point lead on Wednesday.

Starting the game off powerfully, the Kingston Cougars scored four points within the first minute thanks to point guard Tzion Essel.

President of the KU basketball team, Dan Sherlock, said: “We played with heart and great intensity throughout the game, outclassed the opposition from the first tip to the last buzzer.”

Their energy continued throughout all four quarters as the game ended with a two-point shot from small forward and power forward Yelle Agunpopo with five seconds to spare.

By the second quarter, Kingston was leading with 58 points while Imperial had 35.

Their defence was aggressive and allowed little space for Imperial to score, let alone breath. Agunpopo said: “The game today was a good win, although we could have stopped a lot of buckets.

“The team played well together despite not playing for a couple of months. It was a well-deserved win.”

A player from Imperial had to be taken out the game due to an injury after a bad fall when going for a rebound.

The top scorer was point guard Daniel Austin securing over 30 points in the game.

Small forward Stephen Robinson made the crowd go wild with all five of his dunks, one after the other, throughout the whole match.

When talking about the game, Robinson said: “We showcased our versatility as a team by overcoming a few defensive lapses and making sure everyone got involved, but at the same time, the other side had more opportunities than they should have.

“Even though we were down a few players, we still managed to come together and play hard until the end of the game.

“We had fun while winning so I could not have asked for more from my teammates.”

Kingston recorded 50 per cent on free-throws scoring five from ten.

This game was a significant win for Kingston University as it puts the basketball team on the same level as Portsmouth, who is first in the 3A league.

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