Fri. May 24th, 2024

Kingston University introduces new teaching rooms

Kingston introduced new teaching rooms across all campuses. Picture: Kingston University

Kingston University became one of the few universities in the country to pilot four new teaching room models.

The new rooms were shifted from traditional lecture-style composition to a more collaborative approach by changing the usual table shapes and the way they are placed across the rooms.

The University said: “A total of four teaching rooms, one at each campus, have had a complete makeover. The layouts are designed to facilitate active, collaborative learning and to support a variety of activities.

“A single session could easily include mini-presentations by students and staff as well as group and individual work.”

The new rooms include upgraded furniture and equipment, such as glass writing walls, wedge-shaped tables, break-out areas and charging stations and storage space for personal belongings.

Each trial room has a different capacity, with a small number of universities across the country having already successfully trialled this approach in larger spaces.

The layout was designed for a more collaborative approach. Picture: Kingston University
The layout was designed for a more collaborative approach. Picture: Kingston University

The new rooms are located at Kingston Hill FL1026, Roehampton Vale MB125, Knights Park TB502 and Penrhyn Road JG3008.

KU will analyse feedback and statistics in December, with a number of different courses being timetabled into the pilot rooms while students rate different aspects compared to traditional rooms.

“It is hoped that the pilot will eventually provide a blueprint for teaching room design, which will then be rolled out more widely across the campuses,” Earl Blake, strategic space systems and data manager in Estates, said.

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