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KU creative provides a platform for students to exhibit their talents

By Josephine Platt Feb 15, 2016

A KU student is spearheading a creative agency which has worked with the likes of Paul Smith, Adidas and Briu Homme.

Second year psychology student Mohammed Patel founded the agency, Untitled, four months ago following the success of the first issue of his magazine, also called Untitled, aimed at showcasing young talented creatives who are up and coming.

“I was frustrated with the idea of not being given the same exposure that other people got, so I started the magazine,” said Patel.

“The agency is based on the same concept of the magazine: publishing new talent, but in terms of finding creative people and then having them push their work in terms of different outlets using my own foundations.”

Since its inception, the agency and magazine, which Patel says takes up most of his time, has focused on collaborating with Kingston students.

It has been a platform for Knights Park based graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers, illustrators and fine art students to push their work.

Last year the agency orchestrated an annual project, ‘Curricular activities’, sponsored by Adidas, and featured artwork from first year fine art students, while graphic design students filmed and photographed the event.

“It was based around the whole idea of having a platform for artists who were in Kingston that couldn’t get an exhibition,” said Patel.

The 19-year-old who boasts an impressive history of work experience in the fashion industry, including a placement with Vogue and visual merchandising and buying at Alexander McQueen, works with brands on creative direction, events, branding and runway direction.

He is currently in the process of pursuing a record label company to run their branding and events management and he also plans to open a store in Miami for a client this summer, although that is not confirmed.

The creative director has poured all of his resources into the project.

“It’s quite nerve-racking because I don’t have a job anymore, so if I don’t make any money from this I’m just broke – I’ve just got no money,” he said.

Patel hopes that in the future, Untitled can become his sole means of income – for himself and the team.

“Right now it’s very on and off, there’s just bits and bobs going on. We’re trying to make it that it’s consistent enough for it to become a means for people to live off, rather than just have as an extra side thing,” he said.

You can check out Untitled Agency by visiting:

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