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KU launches new Student Inclusion Module to educate students on diversity

By Ella Devereux Oct 13, 2021
Person with red nails holding phone showing Student Inclusion ModuleStudent Inclusion Module on laptop and phone. Photo: Georgia McJannett-Smith

The Student Inclusion Module was launched on Canvas at the start of October to educate Kingston University students on equality, diversity and inclusion.

The self-enrolled module, developed by the Student Inclusion Team can be accessed on the Canvas dashboard by all students studying at the University.

The key takeaways of the module are “embrace uniqueness and promote inclusion with your thoughts, words and actions,” according to the module round up page.

There is also an interactive Padlet page for students to engage with, where: students, staff and alumni can exchange stories about different mindsets and cultures.

Kingston University is rich with diversity, with Equality Data for 2021 showing that over half of Kingston students identify at Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic and almost 10 per cent of students identify as LGBTQ+.

According to the policies and commitments page, KU has “a long history of challenging inequality in all its forms.”

Some changes KU have introduced over the years include faith centres, gender neutral toilets, accessible showers and baby changing facilities.

Students and staff can make equality, diversity and inclusion related suggestions by emailing

The Student Inclusion Module also directs students to activities, schemes and events which they can get involved with to promote an inclusive learning environment.

If you are a KU student or staff member, the list can be accessed here.

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