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KU LGBTQ+ students share their coming out stories

By Elena Cherubini Oct 11, 2017
On National Coming Out Day Kingston students share their coming out stories

Today (October 11) is UK National Coming Out Day, and to celebrate this day of awareness KU LGBTQ+ students shared their stories of when they took the big leap and came out to their parents and friends.

Coming out is often a scary and difficult process but these brave students have made it.

We at The River believe that everyone should embrace who they truly are!

Happy Coming Out Day Kingston!


Maz Kaltchev, 21, criminology student

Maz Kaltchev
Maz Kaltchev

“Coming out for me was a bit weird. I am not sure what had actually happened but I went into the living room and I saw my mom sitting on the sofa, she seemed quite upset. I went up and sat next to her and asked her ‘What happened?’ but she was refusing to say.

“I told her I’d share something with her if she told me what was wrong, she agreed and told me to go first.

“At the time I was with my ex-girlfriend so I straight up said ‘I have a girlfriend’. Her response was just two words, ‘I know’.

“However she never actually told me what was wrong that day. I guess I wasn’t that deep in the closet since my mom knew before I even did. She’s very supportive but so nosey!”


Karoline Magdalen Henriksen, 23, computer science student

Karoline Magdalen Henriksen

“I was about 15 years-old when I realised that I was interested in girls. My story isn’t about how I’ve spent my childhood feeling different, because I didn’t. I thought I could fall in love with guys and that though followed me a few years after as well.

“I used some weeks before I talked to my mum about how I felt. I was a bit bummed when I talked to her because after all, I was 15 and I was scared that my family, friends or people I played football with, would get “scared” or judge me.

“When I told her she was really supportive, but she also reminded me that I will meet people that won’t respect me as a lesbian.

“After our talk she asked me if I wanted her to talk to my dad and everyone else in my family that “had to know”, I agreed to that.

“I told my closest friends and the rest just followed. My coming out has been overall a good experience as I am surrounded by supportive people.”


Molly Gill, 21, drama student

Molly Gill (on the left) with her mum
Molly Gill (on the left) with her mum

“It’s cliche to say I found myself at uni, but without coming to Kingston and meeting people and making friends from all walks of life, I wouldn’t have the confidence to feel as comfortable in my own identity as I am now.

“I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by supportive and positive people, coming out has been a joy.”

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