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Sugar baby student earns £1k per night from sugar daddy

By Eleanor Ideson Oct 10, 2018

“I got offered £250 for a man to take me to a restaurant and lick my feet under the table whilst eating. I said no…some things are a bit too weird for me.”

Annie, 22, a third-year KU student by day and a sugar baby by night, has been seeing sugar daddies for the past two years during her humanities course.

Earning £1,000 per meeting, she has managed to avoid taking out a maintenance loan while studying and enjoys the comfort of living in a one-bedroom flat in central London.

Her current sugar daddy is a long-term arrangement and well, it could be worse… “He’s a Frenchman in his mid-forties who works in finance,” she says. “He has black hair which is starting to grey and always wears a black suit with a white shirt. He’s really well-mannered and educated and is really fun to talk to. He’s just not very attractive.”

Annie, who is 22-years-old with a slender frame and dark features, explains how a typical evening starts out. “We usually go for dinner first at a fancy restaurant near his Chelsea flat and he always ubers me there,” she says.

“Last time I had sushi and he had fish and we both drank espresso martini’s, which I love. An average dinner is £200 with starters, mains and drinks. We talk a lot about politics and social science and occasionally he talks about his work.”

Whether it’s drinks at his place or an evening in a top-end Chelsea restaurant, this sugar daddy likes to please, and not only in a materialistic way.

Money is better than intimacy

“After dinner, we usually go back to his and have some drinks in his living room, usually gin and tonic or whisky and coke. Then if we do get intimate, he’s more into giving me pleasure than receiving it.

“He gives me a massage and he loves to go down on me and sometimes that’s enough for him. Sometimes we do have intercourse, but it doesn’t last long. Most of the time I don’t even have to do anything.

“I think he’s kind of worshipping my body, I can just lie down and he starts petting me or massaging me.”

After each meeting, Annie’s money gets transferred into her bank account, which to her, is the best part of the job.

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Annie’s sugar daddy is married, but his wife doesn’t know about his secret meet-ups

“Well of course it’s not something I’m thrilled to do, it’s not really a pleasure for me. On one side, I actually like him as a person, I do enjoy talking to him and having dinner.

“But then the intimate stuff – I kind of treat it like a job, a source of income, and because I don’t actually have to do anything, I just switch off.”

Annie hasn’t always had such tasteful offers from sugar daddies though, but luckily, they have been open about their desires beforehand.

“Usually if they have something in mind they say it before they meet me so I can stop talking to them when they get too weird. One guy wanted to meet up with me to lick my bumhole and for me to stick a carrot up his and treat him like my pet pig. I don’t want to get murdered or anything, so I don’t meet up with guys like that.”

Annie has found all of her potential sugar daddies on, a website that boasts “generous men and attractive women” and claims to be the world’s largest sugar dating site.

“I’ve met some for dinner just to see if we could have an arrangement, and I’ve only actually been intimate with a few: the man I’m seeing now, three I’ve seen a couple of times and one that I met in my first year.”

Before her current arrangement, Annie met with an American sugar daddy who was living in London at the time.

“We would always meet up at his place to have drinks – with him it was always just so relaxed, we would talk like friends about anything, even my private life.

Being paid for a no-show

“Then we would get drunk, I’d give him a blowjob and we’d have sex, then I’d go home. He gave me £1,000 per meet and he worked in finance – all the best one’s work in finance.”

The American sugar daddy was very generous with Annie, once giving her £1,000 because he was ill and couldn’t meet up with her that evening.

“I was meant to meet him one day but he was sick. He offered to meet me just to give me money and I said to him ‘no you’re sick, just go home’, but he insisted. I literally met him to give me money for nothing that day.”

Having been a member of the site for two years, Annie has learnt a thing or two about finding a sugar daddy and says investing your time initially and knowing what you want is the best way to secure a long-term arrangement.

Annie enjoys the lifestyle sugar daddies give her while studying and hopes they will pay for her masters

“I spoke with my current sugar daddy for a while on whatsapp before we met because I wanted to be sure he wasn’t into weird stuff. The first time we just had drinks – and he said that when he meets a girl for the first time, he doesn’t want to be stuck at dinner if she turns out to be ugly or crazy, so drinks is perfect if you want to leave.

“Then we had dinner the next time and after these two meetings we were able to say what we were looking for and what we wanted to form an arrangement. I told him previous guys had given me £1k per meeting and he said ok, that was it.”

Annie did have a little help finding her current sugar daddy…from her boyfriend of 18 months. She says: “My boyfriend found this sugar daddy for me. There was a time when he was on my profile looking for guys and helping me get a proper one.”

Having only seen one sugar daddy before meeting her boyfriend on Tinder, Annie dropped it in as a joke when they first started texting, but luckily, he didn’t have a problem with it.

Sugar daddy rules

“He knew from the start about the sugar daddies. He knew before we started dating that I had done it and considered doing it again in the future. We had a discussion that I must always use protection and never meet sketchy guys. Basically, it’s my safety that matters most.”

Although Annie’s boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with it, she wouldn’t say he’s happy. When asked about her own feelings being with another man when she is in a relationship, she said: “I separate it as it’s just for the income. The intimate stuff lasts no longer than ten minutes and I get a lot of money for it… and I can erase ten minutes.”

Other than the sugar daddies, their relationship is like any other, it isn’t open and sometimes Annie needs to offload about her night to her boyfriend.

“It’s not a pleasure for me, so sometimes I want to talk to him about it so it’s out of my head. I don’t see any signs of jealousy though because he knows the guy isn’t attractive and that I don’t do it because I like the guy in a romantic way or am physically attracted to him. He understands it’s purely for money.

I don’t see anything that’s weird about it – he knows I love him and I’m with him and the sugar daddy stuff is just a job for me.”

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