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KU student gets AGM motion passed on behalf of disabled students

By Aimee Wilson Feb 5, 2018
Grenn-Adenowo wants more inclusion for disabled students Photo credit: Tobi Green-Adenowo

A Kingston University student proposed a motion for disabled students that was passed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on January 18.

The third-year dance and television student Tobi Green-Adenowo ,25, has osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a disability that causes bones to become brittle and break easily.

Green’s motion wanted more disabled students to be able to participate in more of the Student Union sport societies.

Green said: “I wasn’t sure if the motion would pass if I’m honest. I think there is a need for it because it could make a real difference not just to Kingston but to universities worldwide.

“I just want to do more about disabled students before I graduate so that someone can carry on the baton once I leave.”

The KU student was let down when she started university over three years ago because she was excluded from taking part in the competitive dance and cheerleading teams.

“I used to do so many inclusive sports such as hockey, swimming and abseiling so I know it’s possible.”

Green had also taken part in cheerleading training back home in Brighton, where she learnt to stunt in her wheelchair.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “The Union is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all our students and our bye-laws state that all society events should provide disabled access.”

The student was unable to stay at the AGM meeting where her motion was forwarded, but Green was assured that other students, including the Knights Park Officer Daisy Du Toit, would be there to help make sure it was passed on her behalf.

Green said: “I think a lot of people rooted for me because I shed a light towards disabled students and made it a positive thing and not just a complaint that the university wasn’t catering enough for us.”

The Kingston University spokesperson added: “All passed motions will be reviewed at the Trustee Board in March. In the meantime the Union will begin initial discussions regarding this motion with Welfare Officer, Daisy Du Toit.”

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