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KU student to walk 10 miles in support of Lonely Children

By Malin Lervaag Feb 11, 2022
One person walking the street in the winterThe Winter Walk is organised by Sisters Network Project in Support of Lonely Orphans. Credit: Linedphoto/Unsplash

KU Pharmacology student Hooreen Ahmad will be walking 10 miles in support of the UK based charity Lonely Orphan this weekend.

The walk will start at East London Mosque at 12pm on Saturday 12 February, and the participants will be walking to London Central Mosque.

“Participants like me sign up for a virtual walk, in solidarity to help provide awareness and aid for orphans to help them get through the harsh winters,” Ahmad said. “I will be joined by other sisters from other areas, some are students, and some are not.”

The walk is organised by the Sisters Network Project in support of the UK based charity Lonely Orphans, which helps children in need around the world to survive winter.

Winter survival packs and thermal clothing are amongst the things Lonely Orphans will provide, with help from the Winter Walk charity event.

“I personally chose to take part in this event as I take everything that I do for granted,” Ahmad said. “Doing the walk will help me realise what the orphans and widows go through and what their everyday struggle is like.”

Hooreen Ahmad
Hooreen Ahmad will walk 10 miles for the charity Lonely Orphnas. Photo: Hooreen Ahmad

Ahmad also said that she takes a lot for granted in her life and hopes that doing the walk will help her see that the things she finds less valuable are a luxury to other people.

She encourages other students to do the walk to help others and learn more about how to appreciate things that most people take for granted.

“I would highly encourage other students to take part in this walk, as it will provide you a better understanding of how important our lives are and appreciate our loved ones while we can,” she said.

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