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KU Student Union declare climate emergency

By Matt Perry Jan 22, 2020
The motion was held at this years Union of Kingston Students Big Student Meeting

Kingston students voted in favour of the Student Union declaring a climate emergency at the recent AGM meeting.

The motion was raised after a petition received over 200 signatures that showed students want the Union to do their part in helping to tackle climate change.

Voting, which saw the idea pass during an AGM meeting at Penrhyn Road campus, would see the union put pressure on Kingston to take similar action as fellow universities in being more active.

The proposal, brought forward by student Matthew Debenham, would involve the Union lobbying the University into reviewing its sponsors, and severing ties by replacing those that produce more than 10 per cent of their income from fossil fuel extraction.

When it comes to publicly declaring KU’s climate emergency, the Student Union would resolve this by writing to councillors and MPs, urging them to phase out fossil fuels.

They would also work with other unions to improve sustainability and press for other universities to declare a climate emergency as well.

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