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KU student writes bestseller

By admin Aug 28, 2014

A KU student has become a bestselling author at the age of 26, having won himself a place alongside one of the most acclaimed authors in the field.

Final-year aircraft engineering student Sudhan Purushothuman has always had two equally strong passions: aerospace and investing.

His book, Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide to Investing, written together with two other young specialists, has become a business sensation in his home country Singapore.

“One of my friends went to a bookstore and saw that is was in the bestseller section. I didn’t even know about it,” Sudhan recalled.

“I went to the Internet and found that it was placed alongside one of the most famous books called The Intelligent Investor. I am quite proud of being placed near that.”

Lah is a Singaporean slang with no standard meaning in English, but is used to spice up a sentence, Sudhan explained.

After enjoying success in one of the biggest bookstores in Singapore, Times, the book is going for second reprint.

Sudhan said: “We haven’t really decided what to do next. We might translate it to other languages or we might even do an online version of it.”

The aircraft engineering student, who has been investing since the age of 21, was approached by a Singaporean investment company, Mind Kinesis: Value Investing Academy, and was commissioned to write a book, after the owner came across his Internet blog on investing.

“I always wanted to become an author, maybe in my 30s or something, so I just grabbed a chance,” Sudhan said.

“I wanted to teach people how to invest properly and to share my knowledge. This is also one of the reasons why I started my blog. Everybody needs to know how to invest.”

By admin

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