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KU students on Channel 4’s hit show Gogglebox

By admin Aug 28, 2014
Two Kingston University students have joined the cast of Channel 4’s hit show Gogglebox and will make their TV debut on this Friday’s episode.
The two first-year forensic science students were picked up by Channel 4’s scouting team when they visited a comic book shop in central London.
Joe Teulon, 19, said: “We were flicking through some comic books in Orbital Comics when they came up to us and asked if we’d heard of Gogglebox.
“They were scouting for more intellectual types for the new season, and comic book shops were one of the places they went to.”
Josh Townsend, 20, said: “It was my first time ever at a comic book shop, we just went and they picked us up.”
From the Queen to Fifty Shades of Grey
Gogglebox first hit our screens last year and is now on its third series.
It features recurring sets of people watching and commenting on weekly television shows.
During the first stage of the casting, the two friends had to look at a series of pictures including the Queen, David Cameron, and Fifty Shades of Grey.
“We had to look at the pictures and talk about them. Just anything that popped into our head,” said Joe.
The duo thought that Channel 4 were not interested and were surprised to hear from them last month as they were on their way to a lecture.
The TV company called them and said that they had made the next stage of interviews which were being held in an hour’s time in Feltham.
“I handed my voice recorder to a friend of mine to record the lecture before I jumped in Josh’s car and drove to Feltham,” said Joe.
Josh added: “We took the most complicated route back to Feltham.
“The Satnav guided us through the weirdest and longest way, but we made it in time.”
Disappointed at postponement 
After another successful session with the producers, they made the cast and filmed for the first episode of the new season which aired last Friday.
The disappointment was then huge when they found out their section had been postponed until this week.
“I was annoyed, because I had told all my friends and workmates that I was going to be on TV,” said Josh.
 “The Channel 4 guys said they loved us so much but the film crew doesn’t know why we didn’t make it.”
The two have enjoyed filming the show so far, and said that they have seen some shows they never thought they would watch, such as Dragon’s Den and a documentary about London called Mind the Gap.
Gogglebox will air on Channel 4 on March 14 at 9pm.

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