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KU students reflect on skills they learned over lockdown

By Madichi A Brown Jan 26, 2022
Members of Capoeira societyMembers of Capoeira society. Photo: Hava Kiani

“I became an academic mentor in university mentoring, mentoring first year students in economics and it helped me with my confidence with public speaking. I am still participating with leadership skills.”

Aiden, Economics
Photo of KU student, Aidan.
Aiden at Student Union. Photo Credit: Hava Kiani

“During Covid I was training at home since gyms were closed. I was very motivated and I did continue.”

Dinesh Jeebun, Biomedical Science
Three KU students smiling.
Kingston students

“During the pandemic, not many people could attend capoeira classes so my coach allowed people to join free online sessions and I attended those.”

Canon, Cyber Security and Jaffer, Product Design
Photo of two KU students recruiting for the Capoeira Society.
Canon and Jaffar recruiting more people for Capoeira Society

“During Covid i was more motivated to start boxing as a part time hobby. However I have not continued with it.”

Himanshu, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Three KU students who started a baking business.
Milissa, Fizzah and friend who started a baking business. Photo Credit: Hava Kiani

“I started experimenting with new fashion styles and started baking at home making cheesecakes shaped as shot glasses. I built this into a business with my friends and set up an Instagram account dedicated to it.”

Fizzah, Pharmacy
Chocolate birthday cake.
One of Fizza’s cakes. Photo Credit: Fizza via girlsvssfood Instagram

“I started learning Jujitsu and have continued ever since.”

Abdul, Mechanical Engineering
Two KU students smiling.
Abdul with another member of the jujitsu society. Photo Credit: Hava Kiani

“I started a course on personal training but did not continue when I started my Masters but the PT sessions helped me go to the gym.”

Charlotte Nolan, Graphic Design
Two KU students at the Refreshers Fair.
Tao and Charlotte Photo Credit: Hava Kiani

“During Covid I learnt how to make halloween and anime costumes.”

Aden, chemistry
Three KU students smiling.
Aden, Hamdi and Liberty. Photo by Hava Kiani

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