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KU students share their positive stories from the past week

By Hava Kiani Nov 10, 2021
Two students smile at the cameraStudents celebrate the positives. Credits: Hava Kiani

As students we tend to dwell on the negatives due to stress, however there are a lot of positive things that happen in our lives that tend to get overshadowed.

Speaking about positivity can help bring a change to our perspectives and how we view different elements of our day-to-day life. 

“Got to see family for the first time in a whole year because of Covid-19.”

Anna Svensson-Stoltz – professional and creative writing 

“My son’s teacher got married and she had had her wedding postponed numerous times because of Covid-19, so it was nice to see all of the pictures come through on WhatsApp and it looked really lovely.”

Amy Sterling – masters psychology 

“The best news that I can think of this week was that my daughter came home with a headmistress award. She had been doing well in times tables practice and was really happy and chuffed with herself.”

Emily Watson – masters psychology 

“I think it would be that the place in the market that sells brownies gives me a discount because I work in Kingston.”

Sophie Hughes- photography 

“I’ve been through a lot of struggles in life but never given up on the great things in life. Now I’m at Kingston University studying aerospace engineering and I am involved in multiple businesses and starting my own charity.”

Tosan Eyide – aerospace engineering 
three students are smiling at the camera
 More students celebrate the positive. Credits: Hava Kiani

My sister is getting married and we have finally set a date.”

Tanya Ali – pharmacy  

“I was accepted into a new job today.”

Jude Squirell – psychology 

“On Sunday I showed my second collection at Leicester Fashion Week and started specialism.”

Antonia Thompson – fine art foundation 

“A lot of positive things have come from Covid-19. A lot of people have become closer to God and religion. Also, people have started weight loss journeys from home.”

Hannah Haastrup – biomedical science

“My sister was there for me the other day when I needed some emotional support.”

Ashley Stefano – fine art foundation

“Life in general.”

Ismail Farah – pharmacology

“The fact that I am breathing right now.”

Dinesh Jeebun – biomedical sciences

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