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KU urges commuters to take part in new community connecting project

By May Abou-Amer Dec 8, 2015
The KU commuter team photographed on November 26, planning an event Credit: @KUCommuter Twitter page

A team of commuting KU students are urging others who travel to university to get involved with a new project to make journeying to Kingston easier.

The Commuter Connectors are a student team made up of 12 students from across the university who are setting up events to ensure that commuters feel more connected to the University.

Kingston University third year business student, Soraya Aweys, who commutes from Croydon, said: “During my first year of university I felt left out as there were many events organised for students living in Halls. As I could not go back home late because of travel issues, I did not join all the events such as late starters.

“Moreover, with this project we can create a nice environment and get to know commuters travelling from our same area. Travelling together, for example, can be an option for students who do not like an early start. Therefore, if they have a “travel buddy” they would be happier to go to the university.”

The Commuter Connectors are planning to hold networking events to provide specific opportunities for commuters so that they can find a part time job or graduate role in their area.

Aranee Manoharan, the student community engagement adviser, said: “This is a pilot, not something we have done before. It will live or die depending on how many students get involved. When you speak to community students they think it is a great idea but then again the actual reality of coming and taking part is the hard bit.”

The project will mainly be running at Penrhyn Road and Kingston Hill campuses, where the highest numbers of commuters are based. Events will also be organised for the other campuses.

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