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KU’s Town House is now open 24/7

By Elizabeth Wiredu Nov 10, 2021
boy in red jumper studying on laptopStudent studying on his laptop and headphones. Credits: Compare Fibre/Unsplash

KU’s landmark building, Town House on Penrhyn Road is now open to students for 24 hours a day as of this week.

This is good news for students as they prepare for their examinations and assessments.  

Forensic science student, Madiya Farooq, said: “I feel like it’s useful for people that live in and around the university, because they can actually use it. However, for people that commute, it wouldn’t really help them because they would have to get home in the evening.”

“It probably won’t make a difference for me because I like to do like a nine-to-five study day and then just go home,” said third year creative writing student Olivia Pearson. “But it’s nice having the option there if you have deadlines.” 

Despite the mixed views the extra hours will give students a better chance to boost their grade

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