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Kingston fashion students break into America

By River Reporter Mar 7, 2013

Three KU second-year fashion students have earned internships working in New York this summer.

Holly Wilson

Renée Bedell, 20, beat 10 other menswear students to work with Banana Republic’s design team in Manhattan on an all-expenses paid internship.

The fashion student said: “The competition was intensely close as the standard of work in our class is extremely high but we all have unique strengths that set us apart.”

Banana Republic

Banana Republic will pay for travel, an apartment near Central Park and a wage whilst the students design and illustrate for the brand.

Miss Bedell explained how unique the label is as the majority of designers, especially high street brands use computer software such as Illustrator whereas Banana Republic create their designs by hand.

Experiencing New York

“I’m most looking forward to going out! Also meeting people, going to where all the cool kids hang out in New York, taking photographs of all the strange and beautiful things out there and having as many weird and exciting adventures as I can then coming back with lots of amazing stories,” said Miss Bedell.

Womenswear students Lauren Lake, 21 and Alexandra Baldwin, 21, have also been offered internships at Banana Republic.

Cindy Popp, a Kingston fashion student, won the internship the previous year and documented her time in New York on her blog English Girl in New York 2012

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