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KU student serves royalty at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

By River Reporter Oct 11, 2012

Andrew Rowe, served royalty and politicians in the Presidential Lounge this summer.

Federica Baggio

Around 27 million people in the UK sat hypnotised when the 2012 Olympic Games opened this summer. Their hearts burnt with pride as the Queen waved at the crowd from the Royal Box of the Olympic Stadium.

A little less visible and a little sweatier among all those shiny VIPs as he carried around caviar and Champagne glasses, was one very stressed, yet very privileged Kingston drama student.

Andrew Rowe, 21, was chosen by a prestigious London catering company to serve royalty and politicians in the Olympic Stadium’s Presidential Lounge.

“At first, standing next to all those people felt surreal,” Andrew said. “But when you look at them having fun, running to catch the closest glass of wine, you realise that they are actually ‘just’ human beings.”

“Prince Philip, for instance, refused some food saying that he feared it would get stuck in his teeth. Nick Clegg refused a canapé because he had a Big Mac and fries before coming.”

With the exception of the Queen, who never eats in public and thereby avoids any joke being made about her manners, everyone in the lounge let themselves go with the flow of the Olympic spirit.

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