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Love for less this Valentine’s Day

By Noemi S Rodrigues Feb 14, 2020
Perfect gift for her

What do women actually want this Valentine’s Day? Noemi Rodrigues shares her choice of cheap and cheerful gifts perfect for the occasion.

This Valentine’s Day it may be better to opt for a card over that Pandora ring. A recent article by the Journal of Psychology showed that women tend to have a negative attitude towards luxurious gifts and actually prefer cheaper presents, depending on the type of relationship they are in.

According to article author William Ding, women now prefer to receive “general” gifts instead of luxury ones. While the expensive gifts were not outright rejected, they did make women feel uncomfortable.

Another new study by ActionAid UK shows despite popular beliefs, only eight per cent of women would like to receive lingerie on Valentine’s Day and almost a quarter, 24 per cent, would prefer no gift at all.

This year, make this day about love again. Here are four ways to make your valentine happy for less.

Make it Personal

Why not gift your girlfriend something personal this Valentines?

Personalising a mug with a love note for £14.99 or a Ferrero Rocher box for £22.99 can send a message of affection without breaking the bank.

Websites such as Getting Personal and Not on The Highstreet provide affordable and unique gifts that your partner is sure to love.

Quality time for a dime

As an alternative to a physical gift, you could book an activity to spend some quality time together.

Pottery classes for £35 per person or going to visit some alpacas from £24 can be a good bonding experience while having some fun.

Website such as Wowcher, Virgin Experience Days, and Obby provide great opportunities to find fantastic deals on activities for two.

Practical is Pretty

Beauty boxes are also a cute and practical gift for Valentine’s Day.

If your girlfriend has a 10-step skincare routine or loves to experiment with makeup, she would love a gift that she can use day-to-day.

Both skincare and makeup can be pricey, so if you help your girlfriend out by buying a product she really wants, or a lipstick she uses daily, then you will make her day.

Birchbox offers a £12.95 monthly beauty box subscription (which you can cancel after Valentine’s Day).

Just Ask

If you are still unsure of what to get your girlfriend, you can always just ask her.

You ‘r not psychic, and women do not expect you to know what they want all the time. Sometimes it’s better just to ask. That way, it takes the stress off of you and her as she knows that she is getting what she wants and will not have to fake excitement.

Do not always assume that women want the most expensive goods, anyone can throw money around, but taking time to think about something unique to her is a gift in itself.

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