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More girls participating in football since the pandemic began

By Sarvesh Kadam Mar 9, 2021
Kamran Jebreili/AP/Shutterstock

Football clubs in Kingston and Surrey are currently getting more female participants than males according to the Surrey FA.

Despite the pandemic, more girls are taking part in grassroots football for ages six to 18 than boys.

James Chadwick, Media coordinator for the Surrey FA said: “We have more girls joining football clubs in Kingston and Surrey than ever and that is a very encouraging statistic for the Surrey FA and its efforts for promoting women’s football.”

This is a very positive stat for the FA considering the criticism it received during the pandemic for not giving enough support to women’s football in the UK.

Chadwick said: “We were a bit concerned that after the pandemic started that there would be less participation due to the restrictions but actually more children have enrolled into grassroots football, especially girls.”

Chadwick added: “So many football clubs have been hit badly financially due to the pandemic but with more children and teens enrolling, this increases their financial revenue and also means that they get more talented players to nurture and develop.”

Robert Wooldridge, communications officer for Kingstonian FC said: “The women’s team has had some financial problems, but more girls are willing to participate and we have more players at training now than before which is a very good thing to see.”

While women’s football clubs have struggled financially, the fact that more girls are participating is an encouraging sign and means that there will be more talent in women’s football in the future.

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