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New Lidl stores opens in Kingston

By Nancy Lama Jan 22, 2023
Sign outside LidlCredit: Nancy Lama

With 776 locations across England, Lidl returned to Kingston in a new location on January 19.

Known for their slogan “Big on Quality, Lidl On Price”, Lidl is a welcome addition for cash-strapped students.

“I’m glad Lidl opened up here, as a student the only other cheapish supermarket we have here is Aldi,” said Paola Guanco a Kingston University student.

Outside Lidl
Outside the new store. Credit: Nancy Lama

The new Lidl can be found in Norbiton on Gordon Road, making it a convenient for neighbouring students and an alternative to the Aldi in the town centre.

Lidl previously occupied the Aldi site in Adams Walk.

Although Aldi beat Lidl as the cheapest supermarket in 2022, gaining another budget friendly supermarket is always a plus.

Bakery section in Lidl
Bakery section. Credit: Nancy Lama

The Kington store features the well-known bakery section, which offers a variety of selections starting at 23p.

Kingston student Krina Ruparel said: “The store was very organised and It felt much bigger than initially expected. The prices were student friendly, so I will definitely be going back again and after trying the bakery, I can say the quality is good.”

Keen customers have already left positive reviews on Google, with one user saying it was a “really well presented Lidl with a large variety of items”.

Entrance of Lidl. Credit: Nancy Lama.

The supermarket is already a hit with students and Kingston locals and hopefully will continue to be a favourite.

By Nancy Lama

Picture Editor

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