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Club-goers on Twitter talk Oceana stabbing

By River Reporter Oct 26, 2012

Relaxed security at the popular club is being blamed for by club-goers for the tragic death of 20-year-old Jamie.

Kiran Dhiman

The stabbing that took place inside Oceana Kingston has sparked outrage amongst club-goers, who have pointed the finger at the club’s relaxed security for the tragic death of Jamie Sanderson. 

Social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, were flooded with tribute messages from friends and families for Jamie, who was also known as Bullet.

However, other people also used the social sites as a platform to voice their concerns about the security. The River took to the sites to see what exactly others had to say.

@jasbir1011: It’s a joke to think the bouncers didn’t even find a knife on the attacker. What’s the use of all the security?

@Jessieelou: I can’t believe #oceana will be open tonight. And if it is that’s so disrespectful.

 @SurenaSays: If they don’t shut #Oceana down they should at least scrap the AWFUL management & the DISGRACEFUL security! … @OceanaKingston

@SJayatilleke: A special ‘Thank You’ to the bouncers letting in the right people to the club … Rest in Peace!

@MissKellyFrame: Disgusting that even with a metal detector some idiot managed to get a knife into #oceana in Kingston!! Close that place down

@official_kevla: #Kingston#Oceana has the worst security. They DON’T check woman just men when some woman carry [weapons] for guys

 @halio_officia: Can say after last night’s incident in ocies Kingstonthat their security is a joke! [sic]

 @Kushal_Sly: The thing that people should be worrying about is how did the guy get into #Oceana with a knife in the first place??

@theladylash: Can’t believe someone got stabbed to death in Oceana last night! Doesn’t surprise me security is so poor. 

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